Pooch Pics



  Hydro Pooch professionally pampers all dog breeds using our unique heated twin tank Hydrobath.

Here are a few of our STAR POOCHES after their pampered therapeutic Hydrobath. Call us today and we'll look after your best friend!


Snoopy Belle Bella Summer
Cameron (Border Collie) Sally (Dalmation) Coco (Border Collie) Jess (Border Collie)
Chops (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Riley (Husky) Taylor (Husky) Star (Labrador)
Spencer (Labradoodle) Indy (Australian Koolie) Kelly (Rhodesian Ridgeback) Apache (German Shepherd)
Tasha (Border Collie) Charlie (German Shepherd) Bundie (Border Collie) Khan (Border Collie)
Oscar (Golden Retriever) Murphy & Mak (Cocker Spaniel) Kiah (Siberian Husky) Baily (Border Collie)
Therapeutic & Environmentally Friendly

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